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Most car batteries are lead/acid type - which means that they contain a series of lead plates and filled with sulfuric acid. 35% Sulfuric Acid is very dangerous and should only be handled by acid knowledgeable professionals. The following battery information is for informational purposes only. We would not sell this information nor would we suggest that anyone use this due to the risk/reward involved.

There are various types of car batteries -

  • The sealed or (MF) maintenance free type has no openings, one way vents release internal gas pressure buildup, so there is no way to add an additive
  • Older style automotive batteries have a series of screw caps, one for each cell where an additive can be added
  • Many modern style batteries have a press on cap that covers a number of cells that can be pried off with a tool to access the acid in the cells and add an additive.

The 2 main additives used to extend battery life are epsom salts and EDTA. You can get epsom salts at the drug store and there are companies selling EDTA in their battery life extending products. To make an additive from epsom salts you dissolve it in hot distilled water which is then added to the acid in the battery. The idea is to remove the sulfate buildup on the plates, so the battery can fully charge again.

Using these additives could get you a small amount of extra life from your battery, but that's about it according to wikipedia.

Consider the related problems -

  • Suppose you get an extra 2 weeks out of the battery and your car gets stuck, who knows where, & it costs you more than a new battery for towing. You need a new one anyway.
  • While someone is adding the additive to the battery, the very strong sulfuric acid gets on his skin or in the eyes and the trip to the doctor costs you more than a new battery.
  • The additive does not work and you wasted your time and money when the best you can expect is a short extended life
  • Other associated risks are explosion from hydrogen gas from the battery, breathing acid fumes, and acid burning things it gets on

Remember, this is supplied for informational purposes only and the author feels strongly against trying to extend a lead/acid batteries' life with additives to the acid.

There are many companies that sell electronic devices to de-sulfate batteries. This is the recommended solution for a long lasting battery, but of course there is a price.


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